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I’m a veteran writing and performing arts teacher and have spent my life teaching children to stand up and be counted. I get up at 3 a.m. every day to write because I’m in the grip of my story, and because bearing witness to the transformative power of words on a daily basis is intoxicating. My work has appeared in OxMag and Gulf Stream Literary Magazine, Evening Street Review, and The Magic of Memoir which is now available on Amazon.com

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… on the page, Vanya is fearless. Every demon has been tackled in her relentless search for the truth about her father and her family and the complexity of their lives. What I love about Vanya’s writing is she tells hard truths without flinching, and examines her story and the imperfect characters who people it, with curiosity, compassion and grace. She seamlessly weaves tension and lyrical beauty into every scene, playing my emotions as a reader perfectly. The result is a fantastic read.
It’s always a supreme pleasure to be transcended by the poetry and shaken by the emotional earthquake of the work by master storyteller, Vanya Erickson. She’s an original.
Vanya Erickson is a natural talent. Her storytelling is beautifully rendered, metaphorical, and sometimes haunting. Her writing is at once sparse and full of life. I devour everything she sends me.
When you surrender to Vanya Erickson’s writing, you enter a world of stunning clarity and passion. The color and intensity of the world that she shares with us is in itself enough to realize that you are being treated to a perfectly rendered experience of life. The real gift, however, is in Vanya’s utter honesty and clarity about pain and evil in this world and each of their intersections with love. I absolutely recommend anything and everything that Vanya has written and only urge her to keep writing, please.
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