Bay Area Book Festival

What’s Happening in April

Dear posse!

Bay Area Book Festival
Bay Area Book Festival

I hope you’re all well!

Have you heard of the Bay Area Book Festival? It’s held each spring in Berkeley CA, a fun-packed gathering of authors and readers. You’ll hear famous and just-discovered authors (like me!)  That’s right…

Other Cool Happenings:

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be speaking on a fabulous panel entitled ‘Writing the Hard Stuff’ with fellow award-winning authors Susan Burrowes and Francine Falk-Allen. The brilliant Brooke Warner will be our moderator. So, if you always wanted to write a memoir or just happen to like us, this is for you.(And it’s free!) Please join us as our guests on Saturday, May 4th at 10 am at the Shattuck Hotel.

1: Congratulations to Boot LanguageAudiobook Giveaway winners: Andrea, Jen, Margery, Renee and Terry!(So thrilled to share Nicol Zanzarella’s fabulous voice with you.)

2: Speaking of which… check out the latest Audiofile’s review of Boot Language

3: Holy smokes! I’m flying to Chicago in a couple days for the IBPA Ben Franklin Awards! (I’m a finalist for Best New Voice – nonfiction.)

4: Please leave a review for Boot Language here!

(Thank you if you already did this task. I’m totally blowing you a kiss right now!)

What’s on my bedside table

Women's Writing on the First World War

Women’s Writing on the First World War

As I research writing style and vocabulary for my novel Driven, based on my grandmother’s life as an ambulance driver during the WWI, I have found this single anthology to bring her world to life. Using letters, diary entries, and essays this anthology demonstrates how the Great War was a catalyst for women writers, enabling them to find a public voice and to assert their own attitude to social and moral issues. Highly recommended!


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